Gamified Learning for Every Age

The world and workplace has changed tremendously over the past few decade, with game-based learning strategies seeing greater use everyday. Here at Briggs Gamified Consulting, we believe that gamification and game-based learning goes beyond the traditional classroom setting and should be incorporated in the world of professionals. Whether you’re interested in bringing gaming into your personal branding strategies, incorporating game mechanics into new or existing programs, developing leadership bonding activities for your team, or looking to improve your small business marketing, Briggs Gamified Consulting is here to help bring your favorite style of gaming into the mix.

What is Gamification and Game-Based Learning?

Gamification is the concept of utilizing gaming mechanics, tools, and activities to engage learners and support development in environments that may not otherwise use games as a tool. The idea of game-based learning goes back thousands of years with the creation and use of war games to help develop military strategy. In today’s society, game-based learning is used in multiple industries, including the educational, medical, and military fields. The development and popularity of virtual reality can directly be attributed to the use of such technologies by the military for flight and combat training. Briggs Gamified Consulting believes that game-based learning isn’t restricted to these fields and should be implemented in larger businesses and programs.

Career Consultation

In providing individualized career consultation to clients, Dr. Briggs focuses on client strengths, interests, and future goals to map out potential avenues for growth, education, and professional development.

Program Design

With video, board, and roleplaying games becoming further entrenched within the general public, Dr. Briggs strives to bring game-based learning and gamification strategies to programs both new and old with the goal of modernizing training programs for previous and current generational needs.


As a skilled leader and avid gamer, Dr. Briggs advocates for the use of games in the development of leadership ability. She strives to make gaming more accessible to all and provide opportunities for growth in small-group settings.

About Me

Dr. Coleen Briggs is a professional game facilitator and individualized consultant, having worked with multiple small businesses and individual clients to improve their marketing designs, personal brands, and career planning.

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