Client Spotlight

Dr. Briggs believes that small businesses should work to support and promote each other to encourage growth and success. Below are some clients Dr. Briggs is currently working to promote and support. Check out their information and what they do!

Yazmine Tatiana

Independent business owner and artist

“Art has been a life long endeavor for Yazmine but the moniker of Bodahlia has been fairly recent. World history and folklore heavily inspires her illustrative art, with often tones of surrealism and organic detail. Yazmine has done work for many dungeon masters and game communities, designing and bringing characters to life. She uses both digital and traditional art mediums. Yazmine works in comic illustration, and offers creative consulting for both artists, writers, and businesses.”

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David Ellis

Writer and game developer

David is a writer and editor with nearly a decade of experience in the field, with his work spanning pieces including Gossamer Gumshoe and No Easy Way Out. He is skilled in game design and development, working in conjunction with The Geek Initiative to design short, online roleplay experiences in a variety of settings. David is looking to expand his game design into the larger industry and is always looking for feedback and testers to help improve his work.

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Crystal Burrell

Therapist, MA, LCMHC, LCAS, NCC, Equine

Crystal is a licensed mental health counselor with certifications in substance abuse, SMART recovery, Darkness to Light Suicide Prevention, Trauma Focused-CBT, DBT, CPT, IFS, Motivational Interviewing, and Grief counseling. Crystal stands apart from other therapists in her utilization of Equine therapy, providing an alternative option to tradition talk therapy that allows her clients to connect with specifically paired horses. Through her practice, Beacon Counseling and Consultation, Crystal also provides opportunities for clients to engage with her husband’s Dungeons and Dragons themed group therapy sessions, referred to as Charisma Check. Crystal’s practice is rapidly growing as she continues to boost her business and her staff.

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