Our Mission and Values

Break the cycle of the serious workspace with fun and play.

Our Mission

Briggs Gamified Consulting believes that fun and play are just as important for adult learning and developing as they are for kids. We believe that there is no age limit on game-based learning, and that businesses need to take advantage of the popularity of gaming if they wish to stay ahead of the competition. Briggs Gamified Consulting strives to change the workplace landscape by encouraging individuals and businesses alike to adopt gamification and game-based learning as vital tools for professional growth and development.

Our Values

Briggs Gamified Consulting is based on the core foundations of the skills-based approach first proposed by Robert Katz in 1955, wherein leadership and skill development is not beholden to inherent traits, but rather developed through continuous practice and growth. We believe anyone is capable of developing critical leadership skills, if trained in a way that utilizes those skills regularly. As such, Briggs Gamified Consulting holds the following as our core values, guiding our direction as we work with our clients to fit their best needs:

  1. Fun: No matter your age, never stop having fun.
  2. Creativity: The best ideas are born from creative thought.
  3. Adaptability: Times are changing, and so must we.
  4. Innovation: The best businesses and professionals capture the zeitgeist of popularity.
  5. Entertainment: Learning should be entertaining, not boring.
  6. Passion: There is always a way to involve your passion in your professional life.

Our Vision

The ultimate vision and goal of Briggs Gamified Consulting is to advocate for and encourage the use of gamification and game-based learning strategies in business of all sizes and change how professionals approach their workplace. Briggs Gamified Consulting wants to see a world where professionals are more comfortable implementing their passions and interests into their own development.

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